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Tamper evident bag sealing tapes essential for the packaging market from Tamper Technologies

Tamper evident security bag tape from Tampertech

“2011 brings greater demands for secure packaging than ever before,” said Chris Chiles, Tamper Technologies Managing Director. “Our complete solution delivers a matched set: film, glue, liner, printing all in one to manufacture the best tamper evident tapes possible for our customers. Tampertech bag sealing tapes are designed to help protect your products, documents and enclosures, by highlighting broken seals – simply, instantly and clearly.”

Tampertech bag sealing tapes for use on PE and PP bags ensure a higher level of security. They have been through stringent testing to deliver robust results and are very strong, the bags will burst if weight is applied not the tamper evident tape.

Tampertech tapes are effective in all conditions: hot, cold and ambient temperatures as well as cold and hot air attacks. They are available at different levels of security; Level 1 – saliva resistant, with no voiding message, Level 2 – voiding, cold and ambient Level 3 – voiding when cold and ambient temperature and a visible thermochromic action when hot.

As the manufacturer, Tamper Technologies, can offer a range of bag sealing tapes in standard widths, lengths and messages through to specific security versions with customized printing and colour change options.

Tamper evident tape addresses the need for extra security in today’s packaging market, to discuss your individual tamper evident bag sealing tape requirements contact Chris Chiles on +44 (0) 1335 300335.


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