TamperShield: Streamlined Returns and Unmatched Security

Tampertech TamperShield protecting clothing from wardrobing and returns fraud, demonstrating the tamper evident security labels and how they can be used to deter theft and protect retailers.

TamperShield: Revolutionizing Retail Security, Protecting Your Brand, and Enhancing Customer Experience

Retailers, are you tired of falling victim to wardrobing, counterfeiting, and excessive returns? Do you yearn for a simple, effective way to protect your brand and your bottom line? Look no further than the innovative TamperShield solution! TamperShield delivers Streamlined Returns and Unmatched Security

Fighting Wardrobe Warriors:

Wardrobing, the act of wearing merchandise, returning it, and receiving a full refund, is a major headache for retailers. TamperShield tackles this issue head-on. This unique system utilizes a fully customizable film that threads through and around your garments. Once secured with a tamper-proof label, it becomes impossible to wear the item without breaking the seal. This simple yet effective deterrent discourages wardrobing attempts, saving you money and protecting your inventory.

Alert Against Fakes:

Counterfeiting not only damages your brand reputation but also hurts your sales. TamperShield’s tamper-evident label acts as a powerful weapon in the fight against fakes. Any attempt to remove the label will reveal a clear “VOID” message, instantly alerting you to a potential counterfeit. This not only empowers you to reject fraudulent returns but also helps you identify and address counterfeit sources, further safeguarding your brand.

Seamless Security, Streamlined Returns:

TamperShield doesn’t require complex procedures or expensive equipment. Simply cut the film to size, thread it through the garment, and secure it with the tamper-proof label. The process is quick, easy, and integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow. Additionally, legitimate returns remain hassle-free. Customers can try on garments without damaging the seal, ensuring a smooth and positive return experience.

Image of TamperShield tamper evident fashion security opened showing permanent void opened message.

The TamperShield Advantage:

  • Reduced Losses: Say goodbye to fraudulent returns and the financial burden they bring.
  • Enhanced Brand Protection: Combat wardrobing and counterfeiting, safeguarding your brand reputation.
  • Simplified Security: Enjoy an easy-to-use solution that integrates seamlessly with your operations.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Facilitate legitimate returns while deterring abuse.
  • Increased Confidence: Gain peace of mind knowing your inventory is protected.

TamperShield isn’t just a security solution, it’s an investment in your brand’s future. By implementing this innovative system, you can significantly reduce losses, build customer trust, and achieve sustainable growth.

Learn more and see how TamperShield can revolutionize your retail security!

Retailers face a constant battle against fraudulent returns, wardrobing, and counterfeiting. These issues not only hurt your bottom line but also damage your brand reputation. TamperShield, our innovative all-in-one security solution, is here to change the game.

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Image of TamperShield clothing and retail security with roll of film and tamper evident labels set

Unparalleled Security with Tamper-Evident Technology:

TamperShield comprises two key components designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow:

  • World-Leading Tamper Evident Security Labels: These customizable labels showcase your brand and utilize a special adhesive that leaves a clear and irreversible “VOID” message upon removal. This serves as a powerful deterrent against tampering attempts and acts as undeniable proof of a broken seal.
  • Highly Customizable Security Film: TamperShield film combines the best of both worlds: it’s soft enough to be gentle on all fabric types, yet strong enough to provide reliable security. No more worrying about damaging your inventory with harsh plastic tags. This durable yet gentle film is designed to be easily threaded through any item of clothing, regardless of style or size. The film is also fully customizable, allowing you to incorporate branding or security features. Crucially, this film allows for easy garment try-on without compromising security. Any attempt to remove or tamper with the film will cause a visible change, rendering the item ineligible for return.


Effortless Security in Seconds:

Applying TamperShield is as simple as 1-2-3! Here’s how:

  1. Thread with Ease: Simply pass the TamperShield film through your garment. The film is designed to be gentle on clothing and allows for easy try-on without compromising security.
  2. Secure the Connection: Once the film is threaded through the garment, bring the ends together and apply the tamper-evident security seal. This creates a secure closure that cannot be tampered with.
  3. Lockdown for Peace of Mind: For a polished and tamper-proof finish, firmly press the security seal closed at the back of the film. This final step completes the secure lock and ensures the integrity of the TamperShield system.

With TamperShield, applying security takes just moments, yet delivers lasting protection for your inventory.

Elevate Transparency and Trust:

TamperShield takes user experience to the next level! Once you’ve secured the TamperShield film through your garment, consider including a photo of it in your customer communications. This can be done in:

  • Product Listings: Showcase the TamperShield on your website or online marketplace listings. This visually demonstrates your commitment to security and deters potential wardrobing attempts.
  • Shipping Notifications: Including a photo of the secured TamperShield in your shipping notifications can provide peace of mind to your customers. They’ll know the item hasn’t been tampered with since it left your warehouse.
  • Social Media: Showcase the TamperShield on social media platforms to highlight your brand’s security measures and build trust with potential customers.

By incorporating TamperShield photos into your communication strategy, you can:

  • Increase Transparency: Visually demonstrate your dedication to protecting your inventory and preventing fraud.
  • Enhance Customer Confidence: Offer peace of mind to your customers by showcasing the tamper-evident security features.
  • Boost Brand Image: Project a professional and security-conscious brand identity.


TamperShield goes beyond just protecting your products; it allows you to build stronger relationships with your customers through increased trust and transparency.

Tamper Shield clothing and retail security protecting clothes whilst being tried on in a retail store and fighting returns fraud, demonstrating how tamper evident security labels can be used to deter theft and protect retailers.

Streamlined Returns and Unmatched Security

Say goodbye to return headaches! TamperShield revolutionizes the return process for everyone involved: retailers, staff,and customers.

Effortless Clarity: Eliminate the guesswork surrounding worn garments, used items, and potential counterfeits.TamperShield’s tamper-evident security seal provides instant clarity.

No More Awkward Conversations: Awkward discussions about return eligibility become a thing of the past. The TamperShield seal speaks for itself, offering a clear visual indicator of the item’s condition.

Unbreakable Security: The tamper-evident seal features an irreversible message or pattern that becomes visible upon removal. This not only deters tampering but also prevents the seal from being reapplied or replicated, ensuring the integrity of the return process.

Benefits for Everyone:

  • Retailers: Reduce fraudulent returns and protect your inventory from counterfeits.
  • Staff: Expedite return processing with clear-cut evidence of garment condition.
  • Customers: Enjoy a hassle-free return experience with a simple and transparent system.

TamperShield is more than just a security solution; it’s a win-win for everyone. Embrace smoother returns, enhanced security, and a more positive customer experience. 

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