Tamper Technologies Ltd Marketing Policy

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The purpose of this policy is to define the basic principles for marketing communications for Tamper Technologies Ltd.

This policy applies to all marketing activities and communications including the following forms of advertising and marketing: television, radio, online and direct marketing, shopper marketing, packaging, events, trade/sales and other professional promotions and communications that may be carried out.

This policy follows the framework guidelines set by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) marketing code.

All marketing and communications must in addition to this Policy at all times comply with the relevant local laws and regulations.

Tamper Technologies Ltd commits to comply with the following principles in all marketing communications

  1. All advertising and communications must be truthful and shall not include misleading facts or statements.
  2. Copy, sound and visual presentations of products represent accurately the material characteristics advertised.
  3. Statistics and data must have a sound factual basis.

Governance of the marketing communications policy

Tamper Technologies Ltd marketing team are responsible for reviewing the compliance with the Marketing Policy on an ‘as you go’ basis. Any non-compliance with this policy will be brought to the attention of the Management team who will decide how to move forward. Sales staff are also responsible for forming and following practices, instructions and operating models in line with the marketing policy.