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Tamper evidence

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Our tamper-evident pallet tape serves as an additional layer of security, deterring unauthorised access and tampering during transit and storage.

Its innovative design ensures that any breach attempt is immediately visible, providing a clear indicator of pallet integrity.

Tamper-evident pallet tapes provide an additional layer of security for cargo and freight during transit, enhancing security. They deter unauthorised access, tampering, or theft of valuable cargo, reducing the risk of losses.

Ensuring that cargo remains intact and unaltered during transportation is crucial, especially for perishable goods or high-value items. Tamper-evident tapes help maintain the integrity of the cargo and prevent contamination or pilferage.

Many aviation authorities and customs agencies require secure cargo handling and verification procedures. Using tamper-evident pallet tapes can help airlines comply with these regulations, avoiding fines and delays

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Safeguard Your Cargo

Tamper evident pallet tape leaves a visible mark when it is tampered with, making it easy to identify if a pallet has been opened or tampered with. This can deter theft and fraud, and it can also help to identify the source of tampering if it does occur.

  • Deterrence Against Theft: The presence of tamper-evident pallet tape acts as a powerful deterrent against theft and tampering, discouraging potential wrongdoers and safeguarding your valuable cargo.

  • Streamlined Logistics: Each roll of tamper-evident pallet tape comes equipped with a barcode and sequential numbering system. This facilitates efficient tracking and tracing throughout your logistics operations, enhancing visibility and reducing errors.

  • Efficiency in Audits and Inspections: The sequential numbering and barcode features simplify auditing and inspection processes. This expedites compliance checks, minimises disruptions, and ensures seamless regulatory adherence.
Image of Tampertech Pallet Secure Tamper Evident Security Tape roll, applied, removed, and void message on black pallet wrap.
tamper evident pallet secure tape from Tampertech on clear film

Turn Data into Information

We take supply chain security to the next level with our tamper-evident pallet secure tape. With a clear and bold “Pallet Secured Security Tape Active” surface message, it ensures that your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is crystal clear to everyone involved in the shipping process.

Data-Driven Insights: The incorporation of barcodes and sequential numbers empowers you with accurate and real-time data. Monitor pallet movement, delivery status, and transit times with precision, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

Streamlined Inspections: When cargo is secured with tamper-evident tapes, customs inspections and security checks become more efficient. Authorities can quickly verify that the cargo has remained sealed and tamper-free.

Cost Savings: Preventing cargo tampering or theft can lead to substantial cost savings for airlines. Avoiding losses and disruptions in the supply chain can have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Competitive Advantage: Airlines that prioritise cargo security and integrity can use it as a selling point to attract shippers and partners who value these measures, giving them a competitive edge in the industry.

Designed to work instantly, our tamper evident pallet secure tape adheres seamlessly to all types of pallet wrap materials, providing a hassle-free and efficient application process. Safeguarding cargo during air transportation, ensuring it arrives at its destination intact and secure.

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