Security Bag

Tampertech manufactures security bag tape which can be used on all Polypropylene and Polyethylene bag stock.  We also supply complete security bags too.

Security bags and envelopes are used to secure confidential documents, personal belongings, cash and other valuables.

Typical applications include confidential papers, duty free purchases at airports, crime scene evidence, cash from retail and convenience stores, valuables from in transit, personal effects for hospital patients, dice and playing cards for casinos, etc. and are used by security services, banks, attorneys, the military, accountants and federal agencies.

The tamper evident bags and envelopes are burst, weather, tear and puncture resistant, with sequential numbers and matching bar codes to add to security.

After inserting contents into the security bag or envelope it can be sealed, using the tamper evident tape. After sealing the bag will display a tamper evident message when the envelope or bag is opened.

The bag surface can be written on in pen and exceeds bank requirements. We offer opaque security bags as well as transparent bags.

These bags have additional security features of UV logos and text in Spanish and English.

Tamper evident bag tape can now also be made with highly effective security cuts and water fugitive to help highlight any potential attacks made to gain unauthorised entry into the bags during transit.

Our tamper evident security bag tape is used to deliver a security seal on a number of plastic bags including:

The tamper evident seal protects contents with obvious tamper evident messages adding an extra level of security with options on colors, messages, films and adhesive weights – all to suit specific applications and customers.