Room Secure

From threats to hotel rooms, offices and classrooms and so many more, manned security for each door isn’t reliable nor is it cost effective. Tamper Technologies X22 Non-residue labels now have you covered for room security!

For hotels, these non residue labels can be applied to a door once a room has been thoroughly cleaned so that when guests arrive they know that it’s a safe environment for them, offering visible peace of mind for both the hotel and their guests.

For Businesses, using non-residue labels to seal doors makes it easier to operate efficient, effective security. By sealing rooms which have been deemed secure by security they can then be sealed with the option of a customised number range or white panel which can be written on. Which both ensure that the label cannon be replaced without noticing a discrepancy.

From guests breaking the seal on the door at arrival to them being able to apply seals when they leave for a day trip, thanks to the specific number range if the same label is there on arrival all parties know that the room is safe and undisturbed.

This level of individual room security allows for accountability and peace of mind for all involved during a time of dramatic change whilst the world is trying to find a new normal.

Extra measures like these will minimise any risk to both guests and employees ensuring they are as safe as possible.


Can be used on cardboard, painted surfaces, metals, plastics, polyethyhlene bags, crates, glass and even wood.


The tamper evident self adhesive tapes and labels, once applied, instantly provide a new level of security.


Sequential numbers, barcodes, QR codes, logos, languages, colours for an overt or covert design.


Manually or machine applied, offering an additional instant layer of security in any packaging process.

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