Returns fraud protection

Are you using returns fraud protection🧐

Did you know that for every $100 of returned merchandise, retailers lose $10.30 to fraud, according to the National Retail Federation 🤯

How are you fighting the $25.3 billion problem of returns security?😅

With that amount of money and goods changing hands in fraud alone! How are you making sure your goods and customers don\’t become victim of Black Friday returns fraud and scams?😅

With Tamper Shield you are now able to protect against wardrobing and serial returners 🎉🎉 offering a deliberately visible tamper evident solution 💃

1 in 10 people admitting to buying clothing online for the sole reason of taking photographs 📸 🤯 how is your business trying to counter the £7 billion a year nightmare of returns fraud, and protecting genuine returns?

Tamper Shield has been designed to allow consumers to try on clothing and accessories whilst offering a visual deterrent making wardrobing, and snap and send back easier to spot and harder to hide💃

🎉 by reducing the amount of returns fraud in your business you can save an industry average of £20 per return 😲

👉To find out how TAMPER SHIELD is protecting local shops and mega stores alike then get in tough today!⬇️

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