Retail security has always been key in getting goods from the manufacturer to the distribution centres and on to store shelves.

The retail sector has unique and diverse needs with counterfeiting, theft, contamination and exposure from extended supply chains being a consideration. Today’s supply chain requires robust, secure end to end packaging security to protect goods on their way to market.

Tamper evident permanent tapes on cartons and shrink wrap pallets delivers an additional layer of protection whether goods go to staging areas, repackaging fulfilment centres, reverse logistics or straight out to stores, helping you develop your retail security.

These tamper evident tapes or perforated strips are an inexpensive, fast solution to securing a boxes for shipment that does not invite theft and helps protect your goods against counterfeits entering the supply chain .

Permanent tamper evident tapes provide clear indication of tampering by revealing a hidden message when the tape is peeled off or altered that cannot be replaced or replaced as it permanently marks the surface it is applied too.

Tamper evident tapes help keep workers honest and less likely to walk away with goods reducing shrinkage and pilfering.


Can be used on cardboard, painted surfaces, metals, plastics, polyethyhlene bags, crates, glass and even wood.


The tamper evident self adhesive tapes and labels, once applied, instantly provide a new level of security.


Sequential numbers, barcodes, QR codes, logos, languages, colours for an overt or covert design.


Manually or machine applied, offering an additional instant layer of security in any packaging process.

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