DR 7350 – Blue Overt Security Tape

This dark blue security tape, reference DR7350, is a roll of liner-less labels – as it has no liner paper which reduces packaging waste and is perforated.

This is a dark blue overt security tape with SECURITY SEAL printed on the surface and sequential numbers printed sub surface. These numbers can be seen when the tape is applied, and they remain on the surface when the tape is removed alongside the OPENED VOID message with a TAMPER EVIDENT SECURITY TAPE border and pattern to add to the uniqueness of the tape.

The numbers add to the uniqueness of each label and therefore to the security delivered.

The liner-less label solution from TamperTech is easy to apply, environmentally sustainable by reduces packaging waste by 100% per roll.

Choosing liner-less labels increases roll capacity by 50%, which delivers extra advantages in the reduction of shipping, carriage and storage costs!

Roll length 50m.

Roll width 50.8mm.

Core 76mm.

Perforations every 6″ (152.4mm)

Shipped in quantities of 20 rolls

To discuss your personal requirements, email harriet@tampertech.net

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Tamper evident box tape being applied by machine

Tamper Evident Box Tape Being Hand Applied