Security Box Tape with Numbers DR 6584

Security Box Tape with Numbers

This blue tamper evident security tape, reference DR 6584, is a roll of liner-less labels – as it has no liner paper which reduces packaging waste and is perforated.

This is a bue overt security tape with SECURITY SEAL printed on the surface and sequential numbers printed sub surface. These numbers can be seen when the tape is applied, and they remain on the surface when the tape is removed alongside the OPENED VOID message.

The numbers add to the uniqueness of each label and therefore to the security delivered.

The liner-less label solution from TamperTech is easy to apply, environmentally sustainable by reduces packaging waste by 100% per roll.

Choosing liner-less labels increases roll capacity by 50%, which delivers extra advantages in the reduction of shipping, carriage and storage costs!

Roll length 50m.

Roll width 50.8mm.

Core 76mm.

Perforations every 6″ (152.4mm)

Shipped in quantities of 20 rolls


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Tamper evident box tape being applied by machine

Tamper Evident Box Tape Being Hand Applied


TamperTech Security Box Tape with Numbers: Next-Day Dispatch for Instant Protection

Don’t let security wait! TamperTech understands the importance of safeguarding your products as soon as possible. That’s why we offer a robust selection of TamperTech Security Box Tape with next-day dispatch, ensuring you have the protection you need, fast.

Peace of Mind, Delivered Quickly:

  • Immediate Security: No time for custom orders? TamperTech’s pre-made security tapes offer instant protection for your packages. Our next-day dispatch ensures your critical supplies arrive quickly, minimizing security gaps in your packaging process.
  • Diverse Security Solutions: Choose from a variety of pre-made security tape options to address your immediate needs. We offer tapes with surface or sub-surface printing capabilities, featuring “VOID” messages, custom numbering, or even color options for basic customization.
  • High-Quality Performance: TamperTech security tapes are crafted from premium materials, boasting strong adhesion and resistance to moisture, chemicals, and abrasion. This ensures lasting security and clear tamper evident features throughout storage and transportation.

The Perfect Bridge to Custom Solutions:

TamperTech’s next-day dispatch security tapes are ideal for:

  • Unexpected Demand Spikes: Meet sudden packaging needs without compromising security.
  • Testing and Evaluation: Try out different security features before committing to a custom order.
  • Bridging the Gap: Ensure uninterrupted security while you finalize your custom tape specifications.

TamperTech Security Box Tape with Next-Day Dispatch offers a reliable and immediate solution for safeguarding your packages. It allows you to react swiftly to security needs while providing a seamless bridge to custom tape solutions when the time comes. Order today and experience the peace of mind that comes with TamperTech’s robust security and fast delivery.