DR 107 Red Overt Tamper Evident Box Tape

 This pressure sensitive, permanent overt red tamper evident tape, DR107, has SECURITY printed on the white surface for high contrast when tape is pulled with perforations.

Tamper Technologies perforated tape is also referred to as a liner-less label solution, which is easy to apply, environmentally sustainable by reducing packaging waste by 100% per roll and by increasing roll capacity by 50% reduces shipping, carriage and storage costs!

These tapes can be used like normal packaging tapes and applied automatically and manually.

These packing tapes add layered, highly visible security to your pallets, packaging and products within the supply chain.

Roll length 50m.

Roll width 50.8mm.

Core Diameter 76mm.

Perforations every 6″ (152.4mm)

Shipped in quantities of 20 rolls


To discuss your personal requirements, email harriet@tampertech.net

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Tamper evident box tape being applied by machine

Tamper Evident Box Tape Being Hand Applied