Brown Paper Tamper Evident Box Tape DR 8797

Brown Paper Tamper Evident Box Tape DR 8797

Paper void tape designed to secure your supply chain without adding any plastic waste to it!

This pressure sensitive, permanent covert brown tamper evident tape, has high contrast when tape is pulled with perforations.

Tamper Technologies perforated tape is also referred to as a liner-less label solution, which is easy to apply, environmentally sustainable by reducing plastic in the product to 0%, packaging waste by 100% per roll and by increasing roll capacity by 50% reduces shipping, carriage and storage costs!

These tapes can be used like normal packaging tapes and applied automatically and manually.

These packing tapes add layered, highly visible security to your pallets, packaging and products within the supply chain.

Roll length 50m.

Roll width 50.8mm.

Core Diameter 76mm.

Perforations every 6″ (152.4mm)

Shipped in quantities of 20 rolls


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Brown Paper Tamper Evident Box Tape DR 8797

TamperTech’s Paper Security Tape with Custom Message elevates tamper evident protection to a new level. This innovative solution combines the eco-friendly benefits of paper with the power of personalized security messaging. Let’s explore how it empowers businesses:

  • Customized Deterrence: Take a stand against tampering with a custom message printed directly on the tape. This message, whether a company logo, warning statement, or unique code, acts as a strong visual deterrent against unauthorized access.


  • Enhanced Brand Protection: Integrate your company logo or brand message into the tamper evident feature. This reinforces brand recognition and fosters consumer confidence in the authenticity of your products.


  • Visible Security: Similar to traditional paper security tape, this solution boasts a strong adhesive and reveals a clear “VOID” message or residue upon removal, offering undeniable evidence of tampering attempts.


  • Sustainable Choice: Crafted from paper, this tape minimizes environmental impact compared to plastic alternatives. Businesses can embrace responsible security practices without compromising on effectiveness.


Unveiling the Benefits:

  • Versatility: This tape is ideal for securing boxes, envelopes, tamper evident bags, and various other packaging applications.


  • Cost-Effective: The paper construction offers a budget-friendly option compared to some security tapes while maintaining reliable tamper evident features.


  • Customization Options: TamperTech allows customization of the message printed on the tape, giving you the power to tailor your security message for optimal impact.


TamperTech’s Paper Security Tape with Custom Message empowers your business with an extra layer of security and brand protection. This sustainable solution delivers a clear voice against tampering attempts, fostering consumer trust and promoting brand integrity.