Tamper Evident Tape Colours | Box Tape Colour Choice

Tamper Evident Tape Colours | Box Tape Colour Choice

CMYK is the colour process that we use to print tamper evident tapes. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key which is black.

Your computer screen uses a colour model called RGB to display images; Red, Green and Blue. It is important that any special colours you would like us to print with are made up in the CMYK colour process, with a pantone reference for us to colour match too.

We can print with special metallic inks as well giving a gloss gold or shiny silver if wanted.

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Tamper Evident Tape Colours | Box Tape Colour Choice

TamperTech’s Box Tape goes beyond traditional security by offering a vibrant spectrum of color options. This empowers you to:

  • Enhance Security with Color-Coded Tamper Evident Systems: Assign specific colors to different departments, products, or security levels. This creates a visual cue system, allowing for quick identification and potential breach detection during inspections.


  • Boost Brand Recognition: Integrate your brand colors directly into the tape. This subtle yet powerful branding strategy reinforces brand recognition and creates a memorable visual impression with every sealed package.


  • Highlight Important Information: Utilize colored tape to draw attention to crucial information printed on the box or carton. This could be warnings, product details, or security messages.


Unlocking the Power of Color:

TamperTech offers a wide range of custom color options for your box tape, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs:

  • High-Visibility Colors: Select bright colors like red, orange, or yellow to create a prominent visual deterrent against tampering.


  • Brand-Aligned Colors: Match the tape color to your existing brand palette for a cohesive and recognizable visual representation.


  • Color-Coded Security Systems: Implement a system where each department, product line, or security level has a designated color for easy identification and streamlined security protocols.


TamperTech’s Custom Color Box Tape empowers you to elevate your security measures beyond functionality. By incorporating color, you can create a more secure, visually impactful, and brand-aligned solution for your packaging needs.