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  • Any Colour
    Any Colour

    Box Tape Colour

    CMYK is the colour process that we use to print tamper evident tapes. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key which is black. Your computer screen uses a colour model called RGB to display images; Red, Green and Blue. It is important that any special colours you would like us to print with are made up in the CMYK colour process, with a pantone reference for us to colour match too. We can print with special metallic inks as well giving a gloss gold or shiny silver if wanted. To find out more contact
  • Any length
    Any length

    Box Tape Length

    The length of a roll of tape can be from 10m to 600m. Dependent on application. Some clients choose to have a specific roll length to achieve a specific job, for example 20m for one pallet to be wrapped, 1 roll per pallet helps the warehouse team know what is expected. Longer rolls are mostly used on automated lines where the continuous tape is applied at speed. The print repeat option are based on 12”, 15.75" and 18” print cylinders. To find out more contact
  • subsurface numbering
    subsurface numbering

    Box Tape Numbering

    Sequential, consecutive and unique numbers on your tamper evident tapes adds to the traceability and security of your packages. Numbers can be the size of your choice and can be alphanumeric if preferred. Specific number ranges can be surface printed and sub-surface printed on customised tapes.
  • Subsurface barcode and QR code
    Subsurface barcode and QR code

    Box Tape QR / Barcodes

    We can supply labels with both 1D codes like Code 39 and Code 128 for industry and 2D Quick Response (QR) codes too. Barcodes and QR codes can be printed on the surface and sub surface in the void message for additional security. All barcodes we produce are scanned, verified and tested as part of our ISO quality system to ensure accuracy and readability for you and your customers.
  • subsurface print
    subsurface print

    Box Tape Subsurface Print

    This is when custom text, QR codes, barcodes, numbers and more, are actually part of the void message which transfers with the void message on to the surface when the tamper evident tape is removed or tampered. 

    This can be done on any of our permenant products and allows you to track what package has been tampered with.

    Because it is part of the void, once applied the message cannot be removed or replaced, making it easier to pinpoint where any tampering has taken place.

    To find out more contact
  • Tamper Evident Box Tape Surface print
    Tamper Evident Box Tape Surface print

    Box Tape Surface Print

    This is the printing on the surface of the tamper evident tape, this can be to match your brand logo and corporate colours, therefore adding security to your packaging. This printing can be in any language, shapes and patterns to meet your needs, everything TamperTech manufacture is fully customisable, in order to provide the best Tamper Evident Security Solutions. To find out more contact
  • custom void
    custom void

    Box Tape Void

    A void message is the hidden message which is left on the surface when the tape has been removed. The void message is a key part of tamper evidence, the message or pattern, can be customised to suit your needs. This hidden message can be a pattern, barcode, words in different languages, even QR codes or logos. Once the hidden message is revealed it is irreversible. This irreversible change provides evidence of unauthorised entry. To discuss your void options please contact to discuss your requirements
  • Any Width
    Any Width

    Box Tape Width

    TamperTech tamper evident tapes can be manufactured in a range of widths to suit your requirements. We can produce tapes in any width from 27mm through to 240mm. The most regular widths we produce are 27mm (1”), 50.8mm (2”) and 75mm (3”) To find out more contact