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Increase your cold chain logistics security with layered tamper evident solutions

Tamper evident security solutions are a practical security option to meet the complex challenges being faced by the cold chain supply sector today. Cold chains are common in the food and pharmaceutical industries, however with the increase in time to distribute goods across continents and borders, alongside the COVID 19 pandemic there is an increase in the demand for cold chain distribution process.

Security requirements within the supply chain have developed alongside demand and now each individual item; parcel or box, within the truck or container, has to have a unique track and trace feature, which can log temperature changes to ensure there is no negative effect on the safety and quality of the products. This can add three processes for the shipper.

Tamper Technologies tamper evident labels can do all of the above in one label, and be applied to work instantly, on a variety of surfaces to meet these complex challenges.

When is a label more than just a label?  When it’s a tamper evident cold chain label

Our tamper evident tapes and labels are simple to integrate into your existing procedures. You do not have to change a thing.

One label can do at least five things:

  • Instantly identify if the goods have been tampered with by revealing an irreversible opened message
  • Be part of the track and trace program with dual number tabs (DNT), sequential numbers, barcodes and QR codes if requested
  • Demonstrate clearly with a permanent colour change if the goods have been subjected to a high or low temperature
  • Apply to difficult surfaces and remain adhered to the surface even when in sub zero conditions
  • Be specific in design to work with your brand and add value for your customers

Practical protection for packaging from boxes to pallets

 “The layered approach to cold chain logistics is making a difference, not only to the security of the goods in transit but also to the customer confidence in the logistics brand.”

Harriet Chiles, General Manager at Tamper Technologies continued, “From the planning and design of the security features built-in, including consideration of your distribution environment through to your existing processes, our team can offer expertise to ensure a practical solution for you.”

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