Tamper evident pet security!

Mow more then ever we need Tamper evident pet security!

The pet industry is experiencing substantial growth globally with the e-commerce distribution channel growing in response to the pandemic.

With a Chinese raid involving 37 suspects and over $9.3 million worth of fake goods seized from deworming to antibiotics and would healing products, sold to pet shops online. (Read the full article here) just imagine the impact that tamper evident pet security could have!

The products in the pet industry that value this additional security include pet direct to consumer food deliveries, Pet pharmaceuticals and pet technologies. All of which if faked could cause serious harm to our pets.

Our overt pallet security labels are designed to help build customer confidence, whilst making shipping more secure than just protecting the last mile from factory to delivery isolated pallet protection can allow groupage shipping without the worry of pet goods being tampered with.
Which is vital to your brand, no matter if you are providing fresh, frozen or made to order pet foods.

Tamper Technologies, the manufacturer of these tamper-evident labels and tapes have been producing security tamper-evident labels throughout the pandemic, ensuring demand can be met and customers are happy.

The competitive nature of this market sector has led to threats from logistical reliability and product quality through fraud and diversion. The security of pet food, technology and animal healthcare is now an issue that must be tackled.

“Tamper evident pet security labels and tapes increase product packaging security, offering pet brands greater choice on messages and delivering a better customer experience when consumers unbox their products.” Harriet Chiles, General Manager at Tamper Technologies explained, “The ranges can be applied manually or automatically, including barcodes, QR’s as well as alphanumerical text. We are seeing a huge growth in this market sector which is very exciting!”

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