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How are you protecting your pallets in shipping?

Entire pallets going through the supply chain can now be protected by Tampertech!

Offering a fully customisable tamper evident solution! ✈️

Did you know that global freight expected to be worth over $14 Trillion this year 🤯

With over 11 billion tones of goods shipped in 2022 already! How are you protecting your goods?😅✈️📈

With fully customisable pallet tape, specially designed for you too use one roll per pallet so you know how much tape to use per pallet to make your life as easy as possible!💃It\’s time to start protecting your goods with the simple instant addition of real tamper evidence🎉👍

👉To find out how tamper evidence can help protect your shipments ⬇️

🔗Hit the link in the bio!

📲or give us a call on +44 (0) 1335300335

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