How are you protecting your container shipments?

How are you protecting your container shipments?🤔

With shipping becoming more expensive and harder to book,😅 how are you protecting your container shipments, and how can you adapt and overcome the supply chain challenges you are facing today? 🤔

The evolution of the supply chain is happening as fast as the market is growing. The shift to virtual shopping in 2020 alone has seen a 12% year on year growth according to Forbes!🤯

With tracking and genuine product protection at the forefront of consumer minds🧐, tamper evidence can not only protect your goods but work within shipping infrastructure to offer secured tracking on every layer of packaging🎉.

131 billion packages being shipped around the world in 2020 alone, do you know where your goods are?😅

With QR codes, barcodes all the way to dual number tabs and sequential numbering, Tampertech have designed products to make tracking and securing goods as easy as possible from individual packages to being able to seal every container💃

From a bonded warehouse all the way to there final destination with one label being the difference from being searched at every boarder to clearly seeing the key irreversible identifier of a tamper evident label minimising the likelihood of searches being needed!🎉

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