Security Adhesive Seals, Labels and Tapes

Tamper evident tapes and security labels can add an additional layer of security to virtually any product or packaging for any supply chain.  From transit to storage through to inspection, warranty and maintenance, with the option of custom number ranges, Barcodes and QR codes that make traceability through these supply chains easier and more secure.

Permanent tamper evident tapes and self-adhesive security seals provide an overt message on the surface for quick identification of tampering, pilferage and unauthorised entry.

Non-residue security labels can be used on surfaces where you do not want a message left behind but still offer an instant fully customisable layer of security.

Application of a tamper evident seal or self-adhesive security label adds an extra level of security, instantly.

Tampertech manufactures security solutions that can be applied to cardboard, coated card, metal, plastic, polyethylene, glass and painted metal through a selection different films and adhesives.

This really is a very cost effective security solution providing truly fully customisable, flexible solutions to protect the integrity of products and packages and securing the item from being tampered with.

10 reasons why tamper evident tapes and security labels work: