First impressions count with meal kits

First impressions count with meal kits, use a tamper evident tape to secure your recipe boxes

The choices of menu and recipe boxes for home delivery now are wide and varied from nutritionist designed recipes delivered to your doorstep, cooking made simple with spice mixes, personalised weight loss programs keto meal kits through to plant based ready to eat meals, however the common denominator is doorstep delivery.

The growth throughout the pandemic was fabulous, the choices, the saving money as you will likely spend far less time shopping in a supermarket and making impulsive spending decisions, and the safety of staying in. Even with the easing of COVID restrictions the meal box market sector looks like the meal delivery services are here to stay, however planning for the next phase of home delivery is vital for meal box providers.

Personalise and connect with consumers immediately, from the curb to the kitchen

The development of long-term relationships is core to the meal box providers future and the use of a security, tamper evident packaging box tape, which can be customised with company logos and campaign messages and even a QR code, with a link to a Spotify playlist to “cook-along” with and other innovative marketing campaigns delivers additional value for the brand and customer a bit like this➡️.

The use of sequential numbering on the tapes as well, can reduce the delivery tracking issues of missing and damaged boxes which is an ongoing problem for all delivery companies.

No cost to change and a new revenue stream opportunity

“First impressions count with meal kits, building relationships and having fun with customers, virtually, is a challenge for all brands and the addition of the tamper evident tape allows you to provide another layer of security for your customers whilst utilising the tape to provide a touchpoint.”

Harriet Chiles, General Manager, Tamper Technologies continued “Our tamper evident box tapes are a no cost to change option as they are applied in exactly the same way as existing packaging tapes. The brand could also choose to offset the cost of the additional security layer to their consumers by asking them if they would like to secure their recipe box at the checkout for a nominal cost. Innovative thinking all round!”  To find out more contact Harriet to set up a chat.


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