Evidence Integrity

Ensuring the safety and security of evidence integrity under chain of custody controls for law enforcement investigations can be supported with tamper evident tapes and security seals.

Our labels are suitable throughout the criminal justice system including police, prisons, military authorities and commercial organisations involved with law enforcement.

Non residue security seals can be used on doors, vehicles, electronics and containers.

Permanent tapes and labels can be used for bags, cartons and secure areas including doors and windows, inside and out.

Adding an instant, extra level of security ensuring that secure areas, containers, electronics, vehicles, doors, bags etc. are chain of custody compliant with a clear visual indication of tampering.

The use of variable data supports the traceability within the chain of custody of evidence.

Tamper evident labels and security seals can be used to save time in sealing areas and vehicles to demonstrate the area or item has remained secure after searching.

This is a low cost, simple and instant additional layer of security protecting evidence integrity.


Can be used on cardboard, painted surfaces, metals, plastics, polyethyhlene bags, crates, glass and even wood.


The tamper evident self adhesive tapes and labels, once applied, instantly provide a new level of security.


Sequential numbers, barcodes, QR codes, logos, languages, colours for an overt or covert design.


Manually or machine applied, offering an additional instant layer of security in any packaging process.

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Other options you can consider for added performance:

Irreversible thermo chromic inks, photo chromic inks, glow in the dark inks, DNA inks, bar coding, QR codes, sequential numbering (both sub surface and surface), high temperature or low temperature adhesives, holograms, metallic foils, security die cuts, customer specific text in the voiding and surface messages…