Can you spot a fake?

How easily can you spot a fake?🧐

With 1 in 4 consumers unknowingly buying fake goods online are you protecting your customers, it\’s time to ask yourself can you spot a fake?😱

From everything like makeup through to pharmaceuticals all of this has cost $323 billion in damages to the global economy in 2019 alone!

Its time to protect your genuine products and take the extra step looking after your customer! 🎉

Which tape would you prefer to be protecting your packages during shipping both to and from customers, real tamper evident box tape or plain easy to open normal box tape? I know my choice! 🧐

The easiest way to spot if your goods have been tampered with is by using tamper evidence, the key part of tamper evidence is that what ever happens is irreversible✅, so that when tampering occurs our layer of security cannot be reapplied making it easier to spot as a key irreversible identifier that something has happened to your goods on the shipping journey🚚✈️

👉 To find out more about what tamper evidence is and just how easy you can spot a fake protecting, packaging and profits⬇️

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