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    Tamper Evidence protecting genuine goods

    Can you spot a fake?

    How easily can you spot a fake?🧐

    With 1 in 4 consumers unknowingly buying fake goods online are you protecting your customers, it’s time to ask yourself can you spot a fake?😱

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    Tamper evident food security stickers

    Who’s been touching your food?

    Are you really protecting your food deliveries?🧐

    A report came from the CRP in May 2022 saying that 80% of drivers questioned admit to eating customer food. Additionally, 17% admit to opening and resealing packages, this is not ok!😷

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    What is void and why would I use it?

    Where would you use Tamper Evidence?

    Where would you use tamper evident label?

    The answer: anywhere you want! from the bottle its self to the box it was shipped in all the way to the pallet in the warehouse!🤯