Top Up Your Tamper-Evident Experience with TamperTech

Top Up Your Tamper-Evident Experience with TamperTech
February 18, 2022

One of the good things which have come out of the recent months has been that everybody has found more time to talk to each other a little bit more, and during these conversations, we have got into more detail, which has been very beneficial for us. We have discovered one of the things that matter most to our customers is understanding what we can offer them, let’s face it tamper evidence is not taught at school!

The language used in tamper evident technology is confusing, appreciating how a void message works, what is a permanent message, what is a non-residue label, how does a security cut make a label more secure.. so, we have taken some time to visit our entry gateway and explain what we do on a day-to-day basis.

TamperTech does not expect you to understand the technicalities within the products (that’s our job) however if you can understand the benefits of the additional security features, we can offer you and your customers, this will open many more opportunities for you. As well as the Learning Zone to be found here on our website.

Tampertech’s new workshop

Harriet has prepared a workshop, this covers tamper evidence, our product ranges, market applications and some sales ideas. This workshop can be in person or online, whichever works best for you and you. If you chose virtual then we send you a box of products that Harriet refers to throughout the workshop. To top up your tamper evident experience, please contact Harriet and set a date for a workshop.