Tamper Evident Labels from TamperTech protecting the lives of your pets!

Tamper Evident Labels from TamperTech protecting the lives of your pets!
July 6, 2021 hjc@tampertech.net

With the growth of online shopping for everything from clothing to cars, it was inevitable that pet food would see this change in shopping behaviour as well. However, this is making product integrity more important than ever! welcome to the world of Tamper Evident Pet Protection 

 With companies all over the world providing high quality pet food, it didn’t take long for counterfeiters to start exploiting the weaknesses in the supply chain for their own benefits, using substandard ingredients to bulk out cheaper and potentially dangerous pet food. TSA approved tamper evident box tape and security labels from Tampertech have been designed to help combat these counterfeiters from entering the supply chain.

The same concern has been raised for the integrity of pet toys and if they are fit for pet consumption or usage! With toxic chemicals and processes being used to mass produce fakes.

With memories of 2007 and 2011 pet food scandals still in our minds with the tragic loss of so many pets, it just shows how important the integrity of the supply chain is, thanks to Tampertech’s tamper evident solutions, supplies are now able to secure entire containers down to isolated pallets and even boxes of pet food to ensure a safe and secure supply chain.

Tamper Evident Pet Protection products can be used as key irreversible identifiers throughout the shipping process allowing them to travel through boarder inspection points more efficiently as they are able to highlight the integrity of the goods on each animal health certificate.

From Food: fresh, frozen and made to order, online own brands including subscription boxes through to technology, with the use of smartphones for tracking and live webcams and Animal healthcare: medicines, vitamins and supplements pet product security and integrity is vital.

“We have seen a huge growth in the use of pallet labels in the pet food, medicines and toys sector as well as the box and carton security tapes” Harriet Chiles, Tampertech’s  General Manager. “We are delighted to be part of the supply chain protecting all of our best friends from the danger of counterfeit products. All of these sectors are selling goods direct to the consumer and therefore packaging needs to be protected to ensure the safe arrival of the products for all pets. The use of QR and bar codes, serial numbers and brand logos has really added a new layer of protection for our pets!”

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