Summer is served, secure your staycation fast-food deliveries with tamper evident food labels

Summer is served, secure your staycation fast-food deliveries with tamper evident food labels
July 28, 2021

Summer is served this year! 2021 is going to be the year of the staycation and local restaurants and retailers are looking at growing demand over the next few months for home deliveries, especially in tourist hotspots making tamper evident food labels more important than ever!

Consumers are treating themselves to local food deliveries to avoid the hassle of shopping and queuing in unknown towns, looking to feel like they are dining out without the challenges of eating out and allowing themselves to spend time relaxing rather than more meal preparation, for 3 meals a day in a strange kitchen, which let’s face it has become a little boring over the past 17 months.

Secure your deliveries with the simple addition of a tamper evident label. Increase your consumers confidence and improve your first impressions.

One real tamper evident security solution offering five further features

1          The real tamper evident food labels from Tamper Technologies are designed with an innovative finger lift feature to enable the restaurant employees to remove the labels quickly from the roll and apply them easily to the packaging, without them getting glue on their fingers or labels stuck to each other. Preventing waste and increasing speed of customer service

2          Branding opportunities on the surface of the label and in the permanent hidden message can deliver additional value for the brands too. This can be a QR code as well as text.

3          Tamper Technologies labels and tapes work frozen and hot!

4          Stick to any surface, shape and profile providing obvious clearly identifiable indicator that the packaging has or hasn’t been tampered with prior to delivery

5          Customisable choices from sequential numbering, security cuts and UV inks through to label colour shape and size.

Harriet Chiles, General Manager Tamper Technologies says “Whatever you have on your menu we have a practical, secure solution for you. There is no cost to change as we can ensure our labels and tapes fit in with your existing processes, simply delivering instant security on outer packaging for food on the move.”

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