Tamper Shield: tailored to suit you!

Tamper Shield: tailored to suit you!
June 3, 2021 hjc@tampertech.net

Tamper Shield tailored to suit you! Protecting brand and consumers from return fraud and product switching

Brightpearl research has revealed that returns are costing retailers £60bn a year and an increasing number are caused by shoppers ‘wardrobing’: wearing or using items once and then sending them back.  With 9% of shoppers revealing they have ordered an item just to take a picture for social media or a vlog and then return it.

To help prevent this new wardrobing trend Tamper Shield is a practical, cost effective and fully customisable security solution, which can be applied easily within your product packaging and dispatch process.

The Tamper Shield is made up of a flexible film, return strip, to loop through the items which is then secured by a permanent tamper evident seal. These components are available to be customised with your brand and return policy printed on them. Colour choice and tape widths are available to suit your applications. The return strip can be cut to any length to loop through the item and is so soft it will not damage the fabrics and finishes of the garments.

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top down photo of Tamper shield protecting a shirt
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Tamper shield on shirt in bag
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Tailored to Suit Your Brand

Tamper Shield tailored to suit you! It is an irreversible, key indicator which reveals a message, in this case a VOID message, when removed, but can be tailored to suit your corporate brand and marketing campaigns to increase customer engagement in a positive way.

The tamper evident label which is sealing the ends of the return strip can have sequential numbers printed on to it them they can be registered against he the garment and customer to ensure the returned goods can be quickly authenticated in your returns process and reduce the risk of product switches too.

“The Tamper Shield is a practical solution designed to support the growth of the e-commerce sector, quickly, effectively and pro-actively.” Harriet Chiles, General Manager of Tamper technologies continued, “The use of a Tamper Shield in your product packaging will deter shameless consumer behaviour such as wardrobing, and your customers will have increased confidence in your brand in the fight against counterfeiting.”

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