Tamper-Evidence Protecting Home-Delivery Medicine

Tamper-Evidence Protecting Home-Delivery Medicine
June 23, 2021 hjc@tampertech.net

How can consumers be protected with the growth of home delivery of medicines?

Home delivery for medicines and prescriptions drugs is becoming a reality with the Royal Mail in the UK partnering with Pharmacy2U and Amazon Pharmacy which was launched in the USA last November. These developments are very positive in many ways, allowing consumers the convenience of receiving their mediations quickly and delivered to them at home.

A YouGov survey of 2,208 adults – commissioned by Royal Mail and carried out in April – revealed that “39% of those who ordered medication online to be delivered by post in the past 12 months did so for the first time.”

Almost two-thirds (59%) of people choose to have their medicines delivered “for ease and convenience”, while 37% select home deliveries to “avoid making journeys to the pharmacy” and 24% “to avoid risk of infection from COVID-19”, according to Royal Mail.

Just under a quarter (22%) of the respondents to the YouGov survey said they are likely to order “any type of medication online to be delivered in the post in the next year”.

The market for home delivery is, as we have discussed, increasing day by day and consumers trust these logistic partners to deliver. However, what are they delivering? The threat of counterfeit medicines within this supply chain is seen as a huge opportunity with the easier access to the distribution system. Tamper-Evidence protecting home-delivery medicine is the way forward.

Manufacturers need to offer clear identifying markings which cannot be replicated for consumer confidence. Tamper evident labelling on products and packaging delivers anti-counterfeit packaging solutions to protect supply chains from fraudulent medicines.

TamperTech’s security seals are a critical tool in providing an immediate additional layer of security to pharmaceuticals, tests and vaccines.  The flexibility of design ensures there is a solution to every application from tubes, vials, inner packaging to outer packaging, pill boxes and cartons.

Pharmaceutical product safety is vital for customer confidence. Tamper evident seals deliver protection through a clearly visible void indication, which helps in preventing theft, diversion or the introduction of counterfeit products into your supply chain.

With TamperTech as your supplier of ISO quality approved tamper evident solutions, you will enhance the full traceability of your products, by visibly protecting packages through the supply journey from manufacture to consumer.

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