Cosmetic packaging tamper evidence is the first and last line of defence for the consumer

Cosmetic packaging tamper evidence is the first and last line of defence for the consumer
June 30, 2021

Cosmetic packaging is the first and last line of defence for the consumer

Beauty brand protection starts from the inside out. Laying the foundation for simple, secure and innovative anticounterfeit packaging solutions with flexible security seals and cosmetic packaging tamper evidence.

The advance of e-commerce due to the pandemic has been exponential and with the growth of bloggers now sharing tutorials on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube has transformed the means by which shoppers find new products and interact with cosmetic brands.

Social media platforms are no longer for social sharing alone but are now closely tied to the direct consumption of products. Social media is playing a key role in the cosmetics ecosystem, according to Red Points’ 2018 research, social media contributes to over 50% of counterfeit cosmetic sales. Facebook alone constitutes a whopping 42.1% of those counterfeit sales (with eBay and Instagram following suit at 30.4% and 9.2% respectively).

Design anti-counterfeit features into beauty packaging to get ahead of the counterfeiters

Cosmetic packaging tamper evidence has to be designed to address the growing commercial reality of counterfeiting, duplication and diversion.

Packaging designers are incorporating anti counterfeit technology into packaging to get ahead of the developing counterfeiting market using security seals, tamper evident, permanent irreversible labels non residue void tapes. The technology features available in these solutions are:

Tamper Technologies provide all of these security features in one solution.

Counter the counterfeiters with Cosmetic packaging tamper evidence, incorporating direct to consumer engagement

“The growth is the digital world has meant that interactive customer engagement via smart phones is providing direct to consumer marketing opportunities which can challenge counterfeiters increase engagement and traceability.”

Harriet Chiles, General Manager, Tamper Technologies continues, “Tampertech’s security seals and tamper evident tapes can be used within existing processes therefore no cost to change and adds instant security!”

Flexible solutions throughout all the layers of packaging, from original products through to outer packaging, shipping carton and pallets.

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