How Can Tamper Evidence Protect Air Freight?

How Can Tamper Evidence Protect Air Freight?
June 16, 2021

How Can Tamper Evidence Protect Air Freight?

Today, thousands of products are being delivered by air freight. This service has made it possible for people and organisations around the world to have the goods needed for everyday life. Several industries have been able to grow internationally due to air freight.

However, this global industry faces challenges of security threats and how to combat them to ensure the safety of the product and passengers daily. Technology continues to advance to screen cargo for these threats, and technology advances even further to maintain product quality and safety aboard an aircraft.

So how can tamper evidence protect air freight? With the world struggling to keep on the move at the moment with COVID restrictions, lack of personnel and increased border controls with Brexit, TamperTech’s tamper evident tapes and labels support the air freight sector to keep goods moving.

The tamper evident solutions are practical to apply for sealing cargo shipments and containers to provide visual, irreversible indications of tampering which can be utilised in combination with facilities and transit security measures as an additional security layer to deter the introduction of explosives into air cargo shipments, prevent theft and the introduction of contraband objects, allowing goods to travel faster and safer through the congested channels.

Air freight being loaded into a plane
Pallet labels on pallet part void
Pallet labels on roll
Pallet labels part void
Pallet labels full void
White pallet Wraps security tapes

The air cargo industry, particularly the express package sector, relies on tracking technologies to process, sort, and track shipments.  Bar code scanning and similar practices are commonly used to log shipments when they enter and depart various nodes in the supply chain. These barcodes can be overprinted onto the tamper evident labels alongside the key identifiers needed for the TSA’s Certified Cargo Screening Program which allows goods to be screened at off airport locations and therefore necessitates safeguards to ensure the integrity of items between the time they are screened and the time they are loaded aboard an aircraft.

The tamper evident label or tape is simply applied to the surface: a carton, a box, a pallet, even an aircraft fuel cap after refuelling, an aircraft door after cleaning and checking or an air-side van doors after loading.

Keeping the world moving with a simple secure tamper evident tape or  label!

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