Securing the final mile of fast-food deliveries

Securing the final mile of fast-food deliveries
May 21, 2021

Securing the final mile of fast-food deliveries for restaurants, couriers and consumers

 Protecting the presentation and quality of restaurant prepared food is vital for brands and consumers. The couriers have been working incredibly hard over the past 17 months delivering food to customers and have become the weakest link in the supply chain through no fault of their own.

Shining a light on dark kitchens and making the reality of virtual kitchens secure

The increase of unregulated dark kitchens and the exciting development of restaurant virtual kitchens, (which is a restaurant with no seating, literally all about the kitchen and packaging of prepared food), to support the growth in home delivery demand for prepared food.

Support for this new restaurant model is being found in the food delivery companies and couriers through using their platforms to promote the local independent restaurants as well as the well-known global brands. This development is creating an opportunity for many which is very positive however, without real tamper evident box tape and security seals for the final mile brands could be damaged by theft, tampering and even unscrupulous consumers saying food hadn’t been delivered or was tampered with. The application of a tamper evident tape or label protects restaurants, couriers and consumers.

One real tamper evident security solution offering five further features

1          The real tamper evident food labels from Tamper Technologies are designed with an innovative finger lift feature to enable the restaurant employees to remove the labels quickly from the roll and apply them easily to the packaging, without them getting glue on their fingers or labels stuck to each other. Preventing waste and increasing speed of customer service

2          Branding opportunities on the surface of the label and in the permanent hidden message can deliver additional value for the brands too. This can be a QR code as well as text.

3          Tamper Technologies labels and tapes work frozen and hot!

4          Stick to any surface, shape and profile providing obvious clearly identifiable indicator that the packaging has or hasn’t been tampered with prior to delivery

5          Customisable choices from sequential numbering, security cuts and UV inks through to label colour shape and size.

Harriet Chiles, General Manager Tamper Technologies says “Whatever you have on your menu we have a practical, secure solution for you. There is no cost to change as we can ensure our labels and tapes fit in with your existing processes, simply delivering instant security on outer packaging for food on the move.”

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