How Does Tamper Evidence Work in Finish At Home Meal Kits?

How Does Tamper Evidence Work in Finish At Home Meal Kits?
May 13, 2021

Simple and smart security solutions for your restaurant in a box delivery

The post pandemic world that we are all working towards has changed some industry sectors more than others. The RestoKits, Makeaway Meal Boxes and Finish at Home restaurant delivery kits are here to stay. The opportunities for fine dining, restaurant quality dinners at home with nationwide delivery within the UK are now a welcome alternative to eating in the restaurant.

Obviously, the lifting of restrictions for eating in within the UK and the opening up of restaurants has created a huge buzz of excitement, but with socially distanced seating available getting a reservation is proving very difficult. The delivery kits are a fantastic alternative.

The development of the fine dining at home market has delivered a broader audience for the chefs and restaurants.  With branding opportunities from the outer boxes through to the deli containers and cooking instructions within the box, the unboxing experience of the meals should live up to customers’ expectations too.

Tamper evident security labels and box tapes add to your customers experience

Offering secured packaging through the supply chain, not only protects the restaurant and chef’s brand and reputation from any tampering or theft, on the journey from kitchen to kitchen, it also adds to the customers experience of Finish At Home Meal Kits .

The pressure sensitive tamper evident security tape reveals a message, which cannot be removed after the tape is peeled off the box. Another security feature of the tamper-evident tape is once it has been removed, it cannot be reapplied.

The permanent message on the box can be customised to suit your marketing campaigns including QR codes to drive customers to your website or a warning message for example OPENED or SEALED FOR YOUR SAFETY.

Connecting chef with diners through customised messages, in and on security labels

“The bite size tactic to this market sector allows for a local approach to a nationwide issue. All the food containers can be safely sealed with permanent labels suitable for boxes, cartons, tubs and bottles.” explained Harriet Chiles, General Manager at Tamper Technologies.

“The opportunities for customised branding and messages with us, allows chef’s and customers to remotely engage, through QR codes linking to “prepare together” videos and cooking instructions. This is a very exciting development in the world of fine dining!”

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