Tamper Evidence Track and Trace Systems

Tamper Evidence Track and Trace Systems
April 21, 2021 hjc@tampertech.net

Tamper evident integrated track and trace features adding security to existing systems

 Using tamper evidence track and trace features within your packaging processes delivers a key identifier, irreversible layer of authentication, and security to your security cycle. Providing easy integration into your systems as a quality checkpoint to seal the boxes, clearly demonstrating the right goods have been put in the right box.

With the unique numbering, barcodes and QR codes available on our labels which match their Dual Number Tab (DNT) which when allocated to the shipment and recorded, supports your product traceability.  Any problems that then arise can be checked against your records, to ensure the products haven’t been swapped or stolen in shipping, and that the correct item was shipped in the first place, making it easier for you to identify where the break in your security cycle has occurred.


This key tamper evidence track and trace layer of your security cycle allows you to become more proactive in protecting your goods and your customers, whilst also offering the opportunity to encourage consumers to be more engaged with the company, through gamification, or other marketing strategies applied to the label itself i.e. QR codes taking customers to competitions or automatically filled in warrantees etc.

With the development of logistics environments moving to label printing automation, and cloud hosted label printing being introduced across the logistics sector, the unique tamper evident security range from Tamper Technologies can offer variable data solutions in label and tape format to integrate and support these advances or plain laminate with customised void messages shape and size to suit your requirements.

The opportunity to layer with tamper evident security from product, packages to pallets and even containers is supporting this evolution.

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