How can onions protect your goods?

How can onions protect your goods?
April 28, 2021

Layered tamper evident solutions making a real difference to securing shipping goods

The application of tamper evident labels and box tapes within the packaging of goods for shipping in a multi layered approach provides a real difference to the security of your goods.

The practical application of tamper evident labels and tapes is part of the evolution of the modern supply chain. Whether this is based on the centuries old Russian doll layers of protection or the much-loved onion layers referred to in Shrek, the concept is strong. To protect  your core product with outer layers of protections

Real tamper evident security seals on products, packaging, cartons, boxes, pallets and containers ensure you are maximising the security within your supply chain.  The irreversible key indicator seals deliver protection through a clearly visible void indication, helping in the fight to reduce theft, diversion or the introduction of counterfeits products into your supply chain.


Enhancing your existing processes

 With TamperTech as your supplier of ISO quality approved tamper evident solutions, you will enhance the full traceability of your products, by visibly protecting packages through the supply journey from manufacture to consumer.

These tamper evident tapes and labels are simple to integrate into your existing procedures. You do not have to change a thing they can be applied by your existing packaging equipment and at the same speeds you work with today.

Tamper Technologies offer individual solutions specifically to suit customers’ requirements with size, shape, colour, security features, barcodes, QR codes and can be combined to NFC and RFID and other digital product traceability and verification systems you have in place.

Strong security foundation for the latest technologies

“TamperTech offer a high degree of individuality in design and technical expertise in security feature options available.  Our high security tapes and seals provide tamper evident proof on products and packaging whilst supporting the data needed for the developing world of Ai and blockchain platforms.”

Harriet Chiles, General Manager at Tamper Technologies continued, “With the level of individuality available our tamper evident solutions enhance your products security and company reputation, as well as being extremely difficult to copy by counterfeiters.”

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