Tamper Shield

Tamper Shield
March 3, 2021 hjc@tampertech.net

Introducing the latest security solution for clothing brands, the Tamper Shield

The security of clothing either through mail order or in-store has been a consistent challenge for retailers, which Tamper Shield is meeting with this innovative solution. The simple addition of a film threaded through the arm, leg or body of the garment and then fastened with a “real” tamper evident security label provides a total security solution.

The flexibility of Tamper Shield is it will fit any shape, size and fabric, with no direct contact on the clothing, so will not cause any damage to the garments protected. Tamper Technologies provide the film on a roll which can be cut to size alongside a separate roll of tamper evident labels to be individually applied to the film, creating the Tamper Shield.

The practicality of this solution can be enhanced with individual branding of makes and outlets on the film or label. The void message can be security based or a marketing theme promoting campaigns or offering discounts through QR codes to specific websites.

Reducing counterfeit goods, fraudulent returns and increasing consumer confidence

Customers will be aware that the goods are genuine with a branded Tamper Shield. The Tamper Shield be customised and the messages can be in the language of your choice and the permanent security voiding labels can be in a variety of colours too, including gold and silver!

Returns will only be processed if the Tamper Shield hasn’t been removed and the void message in the label hasn’t been revealed. Ensuring the garments haven’t been worn prior to return as the overt film would be obvious to all around therefore allowing companies to refund customers without queries reducing customer complaints and improving the customer’s experience.

The application of a Tamper Shield increases customer confidence in the brand by obviously supporting anti-counterfeit activity and the labels and film are unique to Tamper Technologies and cannot be copied.

“This simple, practical solution is a win, win, for clothing brands and outlets as it will immediately save money through reducing losses and fraudulent returns and increase consumer confidence in the brand.” Harriet Chiles General Manager. Tamper Technologies continued “Tamper Shield is available branded as Tamper Shield or as the clothing brand or retail outlet increase brand awareness too.”

To find out more contact Harriet@tampertech.net /01335 300335