Tamper evident labels providing pet product security!

Tamper evident labels providing pet product security!
March 31, 2021 hjc@tampertech.net

The pet industry is experiencing substantial growth globally with the e-commerce distribution channel growing in response to the pandemic, therefore the need to protect pet products in transit, is growing too.

The products in the pet industry that value this additional security include pet direct to consumer food deliveries. These overt security labels and tapes help build customer confidence, which is vital to your brand, no matter if you are providing fresh, frozen or made to order pet foods.

Other sectors in the pet industry that value this additional layer of security are suppliers of technology; trackers and live webcams and manufacturers of healthcare; medicines, vitamins and supplements.

Tamper Technologies, the manufacturer of these tamper evident labels and tapes have been producing security tamper evident labels throughout the pandemic, ensuring demand can be met and customers are happy.

The competitive nature of this market sector has led to threats from logistical reliability and product quality through to fraud and diversion. The security of pet food, technology and animal healthcare is now an issue that must be tackled.

“Tamper evident labels and tapes increase product packaging security, offering pet brands greater choice on messages and delivering a better customer experience, when consumers unbox their products.” Harriet Chiles, General Manager at Tamper Technologies explained, “The ranges can be applied manually or automatically, include barcodes, QR’s and alpha numerical text. We are seeing a huge growth in this market sector which is very exciting!”

Tamper Technologies have tried and tested packaging labels seals in various sizes for different surfaces including cardboard, flexible packaging and bottles, and different environmental challenges from below freezing to seen in black light. They are happy to work with you to deliver individual fully customisable security solutions for your outer packaging and inner products.

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