The real deal, tamper evident labels from TamperTech providing food security!

The real deal, tamper evident labels from TamperTech providing food security!
September 2, 2020

With the dramatic growth in on-demand food deliveries during the recent pandemic, the need for security of your food on the move and building customer confidence is vital for your brand, no matter if you are a local restaurant or a global fast-food giant.

Tamper Technologies, a UK manufacturer of tamper-evident labels and tapes have been producing food security tamper-evident labels throughout the pandemic, ensuring demand can be met and customers are happy.  The company supply worldwide and can provide over 50 million tamper-evident seals per order.

The competitive nature of this business has led to threats from logistical reliability, product quality through to fraud. Food security is now an issue that must be tackled.

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Food Label shapes and sizes
Food Label on bags
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The real deal food labels from Tamper Technologies are designed with an innovative finger lift to enable the restaurant employees to remove the labels quickly from the roll and apply them easily to the packaging without them getting glue on their fingers or stuck to each other. Preventing waste and increasing speed of customer service.

“These real deal labels are offering a more environmental solution with linerless labels, more security and a greater choice on messages for the brands,” explained Harriet Chiles, General Manager at Tamper Technologies, “As well as an easier product for the restaurant crews to use and a better quality product for the customer to receive. We are seeing a huge growth in this market sector which is very exciting!”

Tamper Technologies have tried and tested food labels seals in various sizes, the real deal label finger-lift design is smart and easy to use. Delivering instant security on the outer packaging for food on the move.