Falsified Medicines Directive instant verification for outer packaging

Falsified Medicines Directive instant verification for outer packaging
January 24, 2018 tamtechbechspf418

Tamper Technologies is successfully meeting the needs of the healthcare and pharmaceutical packaging sector driven by the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD).

Article 54 requires ‘… a device allowing verification of whether the outer packaging has been tampered with.”

The tamper evident box tapes and labels, manufactured by Queen’s Award Winner Tamper Technologies, offer instant brand protection and tamper evidence. This helps customers meet the mandatory tamper evident packaging legislative requirements of verification for the EU FMD.

The tamper evident solutions from ISO9001:2008 certified, Tamper Technologies are proven to be effective throughout the supply chain on boxes, cartons, external outer box packaging, shrink wrap and stretch wrap pallets as well as containers.

The permanent tapes and labels delaminate on tampering or removal, leaving an instant obvious permanent VOID, OPENED, STOP message on the surface of the packaging for verification.

“As we only manufacture tamper evident tapes and labels, we are experts in this field,” explained Chris Chiles, Managing Director of Tamper Technologies.

“We provide secure packaging tape and label solutions with sequential numbers, bar codes, customer specific voiding messages and colour option. We also offer a selection of security features to add to your secure packaging as we understand the impact of temperature changes, packaging materials and the effect the distribution process itself can have on tamper evidence effectiveness.”

The range of tamper evident packaging tapes and labels available can provide overt and covert verification, simply, quickly and cost effectively.

For more information please contact chris@tampertech.net