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Linerless labels get the green light from Tamper Technologies customers

security linerless labels from Tamper Technologies

With the “Go Green” agenda affecting all aspects of the packaging industry, Tamper Technologies is producing an easy to apply, environmentally sustainable tamper evident label, reducing packaging waste by up to 50% per roll with their linerless label solution.

Tamper Technologies manufacture security and tamper evident packaging linerless labels which can be applied onto many different surfaces including cardboard cartons, plastic containers and flexible packaging.

The labels are used like traditional labels but are manufactured without the need for a release liner and once applied onto the packaging cannot be removed without leaving a clearly visible warning message “VOID OPENED” for quick detection of attempted theft or attack. linerless labels with tamper evident secrutiy message for packaging and product protection


“Our linerless labels are now shipped globally through our Distributor network making up nearly 60% of our tamper evident label business.”

Chris Chiles, Tamper Technologies Managing Director continued, “The increase in roll capacity and reduction of shipping, carriage and storage costs make the linerless label a great option for our Distributors and their customers. We are delighted with this product range as it makes sense. It costs less and is good for the environment too.”

The TamperTech linerless label range is available in standard and bespoke options from specialist security and packaging distributors. The standard labels are available in boxes of 20 with roll lengths of 50m, 50.8mm (2”) wide with perforations every 152.4 mm (6”)in blue with SECURITY on the top surface.

However, as the manufacturer and developer of the products Tamper Technologies can engineer a tamper evident solution for specific applications. At present the linerless labels are being used across a variety of industries from logistics and transport, food, retail through to pharmaceutical and asset protection.


Linerelss labels 20 rolls per box

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