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SECURITY BAG TAPETampertech security bag tape attacked by heat

Tamper evident technology in security bag sealing tapes from TamperTech provides secure seals onto courier and security bags - voiding hot and cold.

As the manufacturer we can offer you options in:Tamper evident bag tape after heat attack

  • colour
  • widths
  • adhesive weights
  • messages
  • inks

Tamper evident security bag cold tampering

All tapes can be designed to suit individual requirements and designed for use on all film types.

The top two tamper evident tape photographs on right show the tape has been attacked by heat tampering. The voiding is displayed with a thermochromic ink turning black and the tape also leaves a covert message on the bag.

Tamper evident tape after cold attackThe bottom two photos show how the tape voids when cold tampering is attempted leaving a covert void message on the bag.

Helping protect contents in transit with obvious tamper evident messages. For more information on tamper evident solutions for security bags please email Chris or call +44 1335 300335