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Tamper Technologies manufacturer of security labels and tapesFlexibility and versatility is vital to the success of tamper evident labels and tapes, therefore, TamperTech      offer a wide range of technologies within manufacture to create individual, intelligent tamper evident labels and tapes to achieve the optimum security solution for you. The fitness for purpose of each security label and tape continues to drive innovation at Tamper Technologies.

Here are some of the options for consideration:

Permanent Adhesive - this is useful when you want to leave a visible mark on the application surface to show the label has been removed
Tampertech security bag tape with thermochromic ink security voiding
Non Residue Peelable Adhesive - this is useful when you do not want any residue to be left on the application surface.

Low Temperature Performance Adhesive - this adhesive allows labels to be applied to products which will be subject to low temperatures (food products, drugs etc...)

High Temperature Performance Adhesive - dependent upon the application, a range of high temperature performance adhesives are available

Permanent tamper evident carton sealing tape from Tampertech Reversible Thermochromic Inks - these temperature sensitive inks are useful as they make the label interact with the consumer by changing colour (with cold or heat) and then reversing back to the original colour (eg.part of the label turns blue when your beer is at the correct drinking temperature!)

A few more options:

Irreversible thermochromic inks, Photochromic inks, Glow in the dark Inks, DNA inks, barcoding, sequential numbering (both sub surface and surface), Holograms, metallic foils, security die cuts, customer specific text in the voiding and surface messages...
Link to You Tube demonstration of Tampertech tape in Action!
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