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Tamper evident carton packaging tapes from Tampertech

You have made the investment in research and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales, don't leave yourself open to the potential problem of someone tampering with your product before it gets to the end user.

Choose TampertTech and protect your investment...

  • Apply a small tamper evident label onto the closure system of the bottlelink to You Tube demonstration of Tampertech packaging tapes
  • Apply a tamper evident label onto the carton
  • Apply tamper evident tape onto the shipping box
  • Use a combination packing list with built-in tamper evident labels to apply onto the product with the same bar code

Tamper evident label on a shipping boxWe manufacture tamper evident tamper evident security labels and tapes suitable for pharmaceutical labeling,drug packaging and boxes during transport on a variety of surfaces.

Our labels will also help meet the new EU legislative regulations now being implemented for all outer packaging to carry a unique non predictive alphanumeric number, supported by tamper evident labelling.

Tamper evident security tapes for shiriok wrap application from Tamper Technologies

The unlawful opening or malicious tampering of the packaging can be immediately verified with TamperTech tamper evident pharmaceutical labels. We utilise both overt and covert technologies to protect packaging from fraudulent opening. As the manufacturer we are able to react to the fact that all clients are different, so our solutions are too.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most vulnerable when it comes to tampering and counterfeiting.

To find out more about TamperTech solutions for the pharmaceuticals industry, contact Chris or 

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