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Tampertech asset protection label which leaves not residue

These labels can be designed to leave no residue on the surface but the label shows obvious visual tampering evidence or can leave a permanent residue on the surface as well as visual tampering on the label too.

Removing a tamper eviednt asset protection label with no residueComputers, DVD Players, VHS Recorders, TFT Screens, Overhead Projectors..., they all have value and all require a unique ID number for your companies asset register.

TamperTech have different solutions to meet your specific asset protection requirements:

  • Voiding labels
  • Fracture labels or
  • Clear labels with the company logo and
  • Sequential number printed sub-surface

Tampertechs permanent residue tracking label voiding Permanent Tampertech asset protection label Extra security features available:

  • Sequential numbering of labels
  • Sub surface numbering of labels for extra security
  • Barcodes
  • "Receipt" function with a copy of the asset number
  • Surface writable with a ball point pen
  • Permanent or no residue peelable adhesive systems available

For more information on TamperTech solutions for asset tracking and asset protection please email Chris or call +44 1335 300335