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AIRCRAFT SECURITY SEALSAircraft tamper evident seal from Tampertech

These tamper evident security seals are used to help ensure that any items placed onto aircraft have been cleared by the relevant security personnel, and once cleared, that where possible, they are sealed to make sure that they cannot be tampered with before, during and post flight.

We provide tamper evident solutions for:

sealing baggage | sealing airport doors | sealing aircraft doors | sealing duty free bars

Features:Tampertech air craft security seal after voiding

  • High tack peelable adhesive system that leaves little or no residue
  • Customer specific surface message with company logo
  • Surface printed sequential numbers and barcodes
  • Sub surface printed sequential numbers making each piece unique
  • Individual customised products are also available

For more information on TamperTech solutions for the airline industry email Chris or call +44 1335 300335