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Tamper Technologies Wins Queen's Award for Enterprise 2015 in the Innovation Category

The award, is one off the highest business honours in the country, and recognises TamperTech for developing and manufacturing tamper evident labels and tapes.

Chris Chiles, Tamper Technologies MD, which has jhust won its second Queen's Award 2015
This royal seal of approval acknowledges Tamper Technologies success in developing an Innovation for designing and manufacturing a tamper-evident tape for securing bags. This tamper-evident tape is supplied to manufacturers of security bags to prevent unauthorised personnel from opening them and covering their tracks.

Protecting against theft, terrorism and counterfeiting, the tape is applied during manufacture; not being sealed permanently until contents have been enclosed and a proprietary liner deliberately removed.

Exploiting advances in ink and adhesives technologies, it responds to tampering when in service. Once sealed, the tape bonds to the device material and, if attempts are made to remove it, words are impregnated, permanently, on the material; such words being difficult to remove. The product reveals a hidden message when someone removes the label. Tamper Technologies offer a range of security tape solutions providing customers with both standard and customer specific solutions depending upon their requirements. The enhanced products are used by a variety of customers, including international airlines, European banks and Homeland Security in America.

“The innovation has doubled the size of our Bag Tape Division – and one of our original team has just completed the first Print Apprenticeship at Tamper Technologies, with the support of a local provider.” Chris Chiles, Managing Director, continued “This innovation has also doubled the turnover for the Bag Tape Division, with growth from existing customers and new customers, worldwide.”

“I am delighted that we have won the Queen’s Award for Innovation and thank the Tamper Technologies team who have all worked very hard in product development and manufacturing process. This is a fabulous recognition of their efforts and can do attitude.”


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